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Caring mattress as long time

Spring bed is the bed the most widely used because in addition to have a storm that can maintain the form of a backbone, spring foam bed also more durable in use when compared with the normal mattress foam and kapok. However we still need to be more durable merawatnya used.

Here is a spring bed caring tips:

* Generally, the spring end of the bed is the part that is easily soiled. For up, tegakkan spring bed, and cleaning fluids semprotkan and luruhkan from top to bottom on the dirty part of it. Try to do routinely.
* Avoid giving too much burden on the edge spring bed. Better in the middle.
* Posis mattress should be inverted every once a month. That can be replaced at the top to bottom. This needs to be done so that bebannya per mattress evenly and does not die.
* Avoid air from humid. Spring when the bed is exposed to spillage of water must be dried with the ocean dried. But remember, do not dry in the sun spring bed directly under the blazing sun.
* Do not season spring bed directly under the blazing sun, but enough diangin-anginkan only. Do 2 months.
* If there is no time for the spring season bed on a regular basis, so that it does not dirty easily, it's spring bed mattress used in the AC room and closed the bed cover.
* Spring bed should also be cleaned using a vacuum cleaner to suck up dust and fine-dust mite which can disrupt health. Try as much as possible avoid flooded because sping bed can easily be damaged if exposed to water. Per busanya become corroded and become sticky.

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