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Main response to prepare the earth quake

Early September 2007, the region of Sumatra, Bengkulu Province precisely, dikagetkan with the earthquake which reached 6.9 SR. Based on information from the mass media elektonik, due to the earthquake victims of the soul is merengut at least 6 people and citizens who do not lose a little. Buildings such as schools, hospitals, shopping centers are not escape damage from the earthquake is.
For that, we need to know the preparation and steps that must be done during the earthquake to avoid debris from the buildings and furniture.

Preparation before the earthquake occurred

1st Renovate the building re-structure residence
2. Given disposition doors, lifts, stairs and emergency shelter in the environment and the workplace, as well as a place that allows for safe shelter when the earthquake occurred.
3. P3K learn to do and know how to use the Fire
4. Record important phone numbers that can be contacted at the time the earthquake occurred
5. Such as furniture, cabinet and stick cabinet is set on the wall with the nail or tied in order to avoid falling or shifted at the time the earthquake occurred.
6. Keep flammable material that is not easy to place the broken, to avoid fire.
7. Try placing a heavy object as much as possible is on the bottom.

When the action occurred, Earthquake

Located inside the room / building

1st When you are in the building, refuge under a table and a large solid. Because of the greater bendanya, the more powerful objects, and the less likelihood for injury due to debris.
2. In addition, Doug Copp, the Savior and Disaster Manager of the American Rescue Team International (Meaning), the team's most experienced rescuer in the world, it is suggested to take refuge on the side of an object, such as on the side of the sofa, next to large objects that will crash less likely, but leaving an empty space beside it. For example, if you are in bed when the earthquake happened, bergulinglah to the side of the bed, bend or lie on the sofa or large chair.
3. If not there, lindungilah head with a pillow or other object.
4. Avoid bookshelves, almari and window glass.
5. Do not stand at the back door when the earthquake occurred, because the door could be down to the front or back and you will be struck down ceiling above it.
6. Ran out when the building can still be made.
7. If an earthquake strong enough do not use the stairs because the stairs have a "moment frequency" that is different, so the ladder will tilt away from the main building. Appliances will be part of building the most likely to be damaged.

Outside the building

1st Avoid high buildings, walls, steep cliffs, electricity pole, billboard publicity, a high tree, so to avoid tertimpanya of these objects.
2. Try to reach areas such as the open field.
3. Do not stop on the street or under bridges layang / vault toll.
4. When a strong earthquake shaking, out of a vehicle, because the people who are in the vehicle will be struck down in the ruins of the building or street and fall down on top of the vehicle as a result of this dish is happening on the floor-floor Nimitz toll road.

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