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Safety tip to leaving a house for vacation

Vacation is-awaited wait for the people of migrants from outside the area when a holiday or a long holiday. However, behind the excitement akan bertemunya relatives in the village, doubtfulness akan left the house some day also become a problem for pemudik. Not a few residents who left home mudik entered by gunsmith. To prevent this, see the following tips:

1. Avoid things that can indicate that your house is empty so that does not attract the thieves. Action such as a request to the agent with the newspaper not to send you away for a newspaper, using the lights that can automatically turn on and off with your own settings in the first time as desired. In addition other way is to put his slippers / house shoes in front of the door.
2. Do not leave valuables such as jewelry and cash the money placed in the home freezer. And jewelry should be money in the bank to be more secure.
3. Make sure all doors and windows are locked before leaving home.
4. Turn off all electricity is not used, PAM, and pull the hose and the gas stove to avoid the flow of which can result in fire.
5. Titipkan home to our neighbors who do not mudik or to inform the security officer dilingkungan home.
6. Place an alarm to prevent the entry of our home to thieves.
7. If necessary, install a hidden camera at a certain point, such as bedroom and living room during your bepergian. good day and joyful!

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